Nanopowered Teenage Parkour Enthusiast/Martial Artist


Codename: Freerunner
Name: Christopher Urban
Motivation: Justice

Str: 6 Sta: 8 Agi: 10 Dex: 2
Fig: 10 Int: 0 Awa: 8 Pre: 2

Dodge: 12
Parry: 12
Toughness: 8
Fortitude: 12
Will: 8

Initiative: +10
Unarmed: +12, 6 damage. +2 for Improved Weaponry. 19-20 crit.

Attractive x2, Evasion x2, Improved Critical (Unarmed), Language: Shoshone, Move By Action, Power Attack, Takedown x2, Agile Feint, Instant Up, Fearless, Improved Disarm, Luck x3

Skills Ranks(Bonus)
Close Combat (Unarmed): 2(12)
Deception: 4(6)
Investigation: 6(6)
Perception: 2(10)
Treatment: 6(6)

1pt Regeneration 1
6pts Speed 5 (60MPH) AP: Leaping 5 (250ft)
8pts Immunity: Disease, Fatigue, Poison, Sleep
4pts Quickness 4 Ranks
2pts Low Light Vision, UltraHearing

Motivation: Justice
Speedster Metabolism: The Nanomachines that fuel Freerunner’s superhuman abilities require great stores of energy and protein to work, so Freerunner has huge dietary requirements, along the lines of 20,000 calories per day. More if he’s very active or needs to regenerate.
Secret Identity
Supervillain Uncle


Christopher Urban is a parkour/martial arts enthusiast who stumbled upon a supervillian arms exchange and was attacked, beaten, and left for dead. The trick was, his uncle was the mad scientist/gadgeteering supervillian who created the weapons being sold. While innocents being harmed by his devices is not great concern, he felt horrible guilt over Chris, who was surviving only because of the life support machines in ICU. The uncle slipped into ICU, and in order to atone for his sin, injected Chris with a nanohive he’d designed as part of a supersoldier experiment he was working on. He expected the nanites to repair the damage to the boy’s internal organs then die out, but they did so much more.

The nanomachines rebuilt Chris from the ground up, making him stronger, faster, and tougher. The hive thrived, making a place for themselves near his heart, so they could travel quickly to any injury and repair the damage there. This process didn’t happen overnight, and Chris doesn’t know the source of his new abilities. He suspects that it had something to do with the energy blasts he was nearly killed by. But his uncle knows. His uncle has been watching and monitoring the nanomachines remotely. He’s watched with interest as Chris put on a crude costume and began prowling the night as Freerunner, fighting crime and trying to make the city streets safe for others.

So far, the uncle has been content to let Chris gain some valuable experience, skills, and confidence. However, no gift comes without a price, and it’s only a matter of time before the uncle comes to collect.



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