Tsula Urban

Freerunner's Mother


Tsula (Shoshone for Fox) Urban is Christopher’s mother. She left her tribe and reservation in order to be with Chris’ father, who vanished when she became pregnant. Too prideful to return to her family, she decided to go it alone, and has raised Christopher without any outside help, no matter how hard it was.

Currently, she works the nightshift at Sunset Memorial as a Certified Nursing Assistant, even though she probably knows more about medical care than many of the RNs she serves. Providing for her son meant she never had time to attend school, despite being very clever.

Although she doesn’t know Christopher’s secret, she does know he’s changed since his near death experience. He doesn’t smile as much, doesn’t joke with her, and doesn’t give her a hard time. Frankly, it’s terrifying, and she’s not sure what she can do to get her son back. For now, she’s just giving him time to process what’s happened and keeping her eyes open for signs of depression.

Tsula Urban

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